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Payroll Services
The convenience of synchronizing with the HRMS system. Any changes initiated by HR dynamically transmit to payroll without the payroll administrator having to duplicate the data entry.
Worker's Compensation
tracking of all Workers’ Comp claims, interplay with FMLA, populates OSHA 300 and 3001 logs, and tracks the history and disposition of all claims.
Employee Onboarding
Streamline your new hire process with an onboarding module that allows you to instantly deliver the forms and documents to onboard new employees online.
Administration, tracking, and reporting of all Qualified Events, COBRA payments, and tracking of participants.
Benefit Administration
Track employee participation in benefits programs, ranging from healthcare plans, dental plans, vision, group insurance, and pension plans, to profit sharing or stock option plans.
Compliance Center
Keeps the company connected to all state and federal compliance issues, such as compliance assistance for Consumer Health and Welfare plans, COBRA, FMLA, Laws & Regulations, OSHA and more

Job Applicant Features

MPO Applicant Tracking
When you're evaluating online applicant tracking systems, make sure the technology is designed to manage and automate each aspect of the recruiting and hiring process, including posting jobs, managing vendors, and screening and tracking of applicants.
Benefits of Applicant Tracking
The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) module helps businesses of all sizes to better streamline their hiring process through seamless applicant to hire technology. A paper hiring process can be very time consuming and labor intensive. When you employ the ATS functions, you will be able to create jobs online, pre-screen applicants, manage a large database of applicant information and data, and seamlessly on-board a candidate to create an efficient experience for hiring.
24/7 Data Accessibility
View data online 24/7 from any internet-enabled computer. The online system eliminates the need to go digging through piles of paperwork to find information.
Pre-screen Candidates
Applicant tracking technology helps hiring managers screen initial candidates. Rule out unqualified applicants with pre-screening. The configurable online pre-screening quiz process allows you to filter applicants based on the candidates' answers to client designed quiz questions.
Centralized Online Interface
Applicant tracking allows hiring managers, recruiters and HR executives to easily access the system online with a secure username and password.
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