Within today’s corporate world there is a fine line between adequate protection and paying needlessly for misguided policies.  While the executive team and the board of directors need to worry about fiduciary responsibility, product liability and other daily hazards such as discrimination and harassment litigation, the bulk of protection should be directed toward those things which can cause the greatest harm with the most common frequency.

Striking the right balance between needed coverage and resulting premiums takes expertise and experience.  In the corporate world this can get quite complex, but the assured comfort level and smartly directed premiums is well worth the effort.  When working with Inclusive Insurance Solutions you can expect a level of knowledge, experience and planning which makes an immediate difference even before premiums are ever discussed:

  • A discussion of possible coverage types and risk versus reward of coverages, along with levels of deductibles and internal cost shifting which makes financial sense.
  • Current coverage audits to uncover unmet risks, over-coverage areas or the possibility of asset shifting to direct needed premiums in the right direction at the right levels.
  • Coupling your individualized needs with the carriers which will work with you, not only in premium costs but in ongoing risk assessments to key in on how to drastically cut your exposure.

The result is lowered exposure, adequately placed premium resources and decreased costs both now and in the future.

Now you know why many not only count on Inclusive Insurance Solutions for protection but for a healthier bottom line.  Give us a call to start your free Financial Services assessment.




The best way to manage risks and the financial problems they cause are through proactive intervention before the possible risk is put into play.  The same can be said of insurances covering those risks.  While many agents and agencies focus on the insurance coverages you need and the resulting premiums, the experts at Inclusive Insurance know that premiums are only a reflection of claim experience and exposure.  So doesn’t it make sense to become proactive at minimizing the risks (and therefore minimizing the claim experience) before they happen?

Risk control means taking a look at the areas most vulnerable like safety and security, loss prevention, fleet management, supply chain management and corporate governance.  We also drill down to more “feet on the floor” measures which protect your and your employees through things like wellness programs, ergonomics and employee safety.

Once a possible hazard area is identified, we’ll assist in determining the best proactive course and coverage.  This might be through pure insurance, but it might also include options like captive insurance, self-funding or a series of trade-off strategies which identify when it is appropriate to manage the risk yourself or transfer that risk to one of our carriers.

In the long run the best approach is a managed proactive approach to risks and potential liability.  It will cut your exposure and your costs.



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